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ENSAMBLEISAAC is a work of art of high aesthetic value in itself, for the continent and for the content. It is a large-format book (30 x 24 and 565 pages), one of the recognized "prestigious" (coffee table books) with a very careful edition, which was commissioned by Paco Díaz himself at Dixital 21, S.L. The book, excellently printed in Tórculo, collects and culminates an artistic project in tribute to Isaac Díaz Pardo, materialized and exhibited in the museum-memorial permanently installed in the Castle of Santa Cruz in Oleiros (A Coruña). ENSAMBLEISAAC is for "total reading": from the cover to the back cover, through the cover, back cover, the guards or the same respect sheets. Everything has its story to tell, its intentional message to convey. ESAMBLEISAAC opens with a handwritten dedication by LUZ POZO GARZA, one of the last poems, if not the last, that he wrote and two other poems, on the threshold: "CONCERTO DE ZANFONA TERNAMENTE A MIMINA CON AMOR" and "CONCERTO DE ZANFONA TERNAMENTE NA OLLADA ETERNA ISAAC ".

In the introduction, Paco Díaz explains the genesis and development of the project of tribute to Isaac, to which he dedicated several years: "very gently and faithfully to intuit his secrets". ENSAMBLEISAAC enters the subject with a chapter: THE EARTH, which collects twelve chronicles about the potters and ceramists who executed the piece, designed by Paco Díaz, to build, in the end, the ceramic sculpture in honor of Isaac. The chronicles, in which I had the honor to participate, are accompanied and illustrated by two hundred and fifty excellent photographs by Lila Díaz, which constitute a complete reportage of the potters and ceramists participating in the project: Elías de Gundivós, Pepa Lombao de Bonxe, the Añón Brothers of Salvaterra de Miño, Aparicio and O Rulo de Buño, Agustín de Niñodaguia, Unzueta de Carnota and Brión, Belén Soto de Vigo, Regal de Viveiro; Mario Rodríguez da Ulla; Barreiros Artesanía da Ribeira Sacra, Galos de Ourense and Carme Romero de Fene. With the pieces executed by these ceramists, the tribute sculpture is built: a column housed in a methacrylate prism, designed by Paco Díaz himself and built in Fernando Durán's workshop in A Coruña.

The second major chapter of the book, A PLABRA, collects the literary contributions in memory of Isaac of thirty-one writers from Galicia, accompanied by their handwritten text. They write: Alfredo Conde, Ana Acuña, Antía Otero, Antonio Reigosa, Camino Noia, Carmen Blanco, César Portela, Claudio Rodriguez Fer, Curra Figueroa, Fina Casalderrey, Francisco Pérez Porto, Helena Villar Janeiro, Inma López Silva, Ledicia Costas, Luz Darriba . Beiras, Julio Maside and Antón Díaz Teijeiro. The manuscripts of all these authors, which are in the book, are also in the Museum-Memorial of Catelo de Santa Cruz A COR is the third major chapter of the book in which the reproductions of the works made for this project by two photographers and one photographer: Chus Varela, Fuco Reyes and Lila Díaz, and twenty-one Galician painters are collected: Barreiro, García Gesto, Guerreiro, Isabel Pintado, Lomarti, Luz Darriba, Macía, María Jesus Díaz, Mónica Mon, Morquecho, Paco Pestana, Paco Díaz, Pardiñas, Pérez Porto, Rilo, Romero Masiá, Siro, Xosé Vázquez, Xosé Vizoso, Julio Maside and Zamo Tamay.

And ENSEMBLEISAAC closes with the chapter dedicated to THE SON, which collects the scores of Juan Durán's work: "ARRANGEMENT FOR PIANO, CELLO AND VOICE DE NEGRA SOMBRA E LELA". Work that was premiered on July 18, 2020, at the opening ceremony of the Isaac Díaz Pardo Memorial Museum in Santa Cruz Castle (Oleiros), performed by Iriko Ishimoto, on piano, Alejandra Díaz, cello, and baritone Gabriel Alonso. What better tribute to Isaac Díaz Pardo than to assemble in his memory the land, the word, the light, the color and the sound of Galicia!

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