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Alejandra Díaz Pérez, cellist


"Alejandra plays the cello. The cello hatched in the Renaissance, specifically in the Cinquecento, and went through mannerism to reach its maturity in the baroque, at the hands of Johann Sebastian Bach, whom Alejandra adores. "Protector of humanity", that is the name meaning of Alejandra and nothing protects us better than a hug. Perhaps for this reason, the gods who inspired the cello decided that, in order to extract its sound, deep and warm, it would have to be hugged. And there is nothing deeper and warmer than a hug. Nothing is more protective. When you hear and see Alejandra play, embracing the cello, you feel that they were born for each other. That is why Alejandra is a virtuoso cello player. Surely Apolo and Artemisa, our gods of music, dance, poetry and song, thought of Alejandra and Juan Sebastian Bach when they decided to inspire the creation of the instrument whose voice is so similar to that of the human being. The human being who, perhaps never like today, needs that hug, deep and warm, to protect them."


"Alejandra is searching for new languages ​​to the cello"


Francisco Novo, ZIGZAG



"In a formidable performance, Alejandra Díaz turns her cello into a bagpipe, which I dare to say is quite a declaration of intentions."


"Cellist Alejandra Díaz presents her first album, "Berce", a look at her roots inspired by Galician popular music. Among the nine pieces of the album there are versions for cello like "A Carolina", the "Muiñeira de Lugo" and "Chantada" or "Alalá das Mariñas", and there is a meeting between "A Rianxeira" and Bach's Sarabande. "Berce" also includes two pieces for cello and piano by Juan Durán."



"The arrangements of each piece, apart from allowing us to talk about a version that will remain forever as Alejandra Díaz's version, deliberately add a degree of difficulty that requires Alejandra's cello to exhale from its bowels new sounds that were never required for the cello before.."


"Spanish cellist Alejandra Díaz is the new associate principal cellist of the Israel Symphony Orchestra, the resident orchestra of the Israeli Opera. "I will make my debut as principal cellist in the orchestra on March 27th performing Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro, in a production by David Pountney, one of the most acclaimed opera directors in the world," explains the Galician artist to CODALARIO, now in Tel Aviv to begin rehearsals for what will be her first operatic title within his new orchestra, under the musical direction of Michele Gamba."

Aurelio M. Seco, CODALARIO

"Galician artist Alejandra Díaz presents her album Berce. The performer Alejandra Díaz, who was associate principal cellist of the Israel Opera in Tel Aviv and one of the most recognized Galician performers of her generation, will present the album on Friday, September 15 at the SGAE Foundation Headquarters in Santiago de Compostela."

Redacción, 21NOTICIAS

"Díaz told The Strad, 'music is a universal language and wherever it sounds more passionately, I feel it is where I belong'."


"Díaz was awarded the LSO String Experience Scheme in 2013 and became the first Spanish cellist in history to perform alongside the London Symphony Orchestra — as part of two concerts paying tribute to Claudio Abbado and Pierre Boulez at the Barbican Hall." 



"Alejandra Díaz's cello will sound today in Aranda del Duero"


Begoña Cisneros, DIARIO DE LA RIBERA 


"A cello and piano recital will feature pieces by Schumann, Prokofiev and Piazzolla at the Paraninfo of the University"



"Alejandra Díaz's intense career is punctuated by performances with the London Symphony and the Royal Philharmonic of Galicia. Likewise, her music could be heard in such prestigious venues as the Milton Court Concert Hall, Barbican Center or the National Auditorium in Madrid."


"Our Express coffee train arrives to Tel Aviv with Alejandra Díaz, associate cello soloist at the Israel Symphony Orchestra."

Clara Sánchez and Eva Sandoval, CAFÉ ZIMMERMAN

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